The Key Characteristics of Carcinogens: Relationship to the Hallmarks of Cancer, Relevant Biomarkers, and Assays to Measure Them

Added 634 days ago (01.10.2020)
Authors: Smith, M. T., Guyton, K. Z., Kleinstreuer, N., Borrel, A., Cardenas, A., Chiu, W. A., Felsher, D. W., Gibbons, C. F., Goodson, W. H., Houck, K. A., Kane, A. B., La Merrill, M. A., Lebrec, H., Lowe, L., McHale, C. M., Minocherhomji, S., Rieswijk, L., Sandy, M. S., Sone, H., Wang, A., Zhang, L., Zeise, L., Fielden, M.
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