Clinical phenotype and loss of the slow skeletal muscle troponin T in three new patients with recessive TNNT1 nemaline myopathy

Added 605 days ago (29.09.2020)
Authors: Geraud, J., Dieterich, K., Rendu, J., Uro Coste, E., Dobrzynski, M., Marcorelle, P., Ioos, C., Romero, N. B., Baudou, E., Brocard, J., Coville, A.-C., Faure, J., Koenig, M., Juntas Morales, R., Lacene, E., Madelaine, A., Marty, I., Pegeot, H., Theze, C., Siegfried, A., Cossee, M., Cances, C.
Journal: JMG Online
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