Study protocol for the COPE study: COVID-19 in Older PEople: the influence of frailty and multimorbidity on survival. A multicentre, European observational study

Added 430 days ago (29.09.2020)
Authors: Price, A., Barlow-Pay, F., Duffy, S., Pearce, L., Vilches-Moraga, A., Moug, S., Quinn, T., Stechman, M., Braude, P., Mitchell, E., Myint, P. K., Verduri, A., McCarthy, K., Carter, B., Hewitt, J., COPE Study Collaborators, Davey, Jones, Lunstone, Cavenagh, Silver, Telford, Simmons, Singh, Paxton, Rickard, Holloway, Hesford, Jichi, Galbraith, Edwards, Bhatti, Bisset, Alexander, Ingham, Short, McGovern, Collins, Bruce, Einarsson, Clini, Guaraldi, Garcia, Sangani, Kneen, Lee, Kyriakopoulos, Thomas, Tan
Journal: BMJ Open
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