Blood pressure reduction and outcome after endovascular therapy with successful reperfusion: a multicenter study

Added 607 days ago (15.09.2020)
Authors: Anadani, M., Arthur, A. S., Alawieh, A., Orabi, Y., Alexandrov, A., Goyal, N., Psychogios, M.-N., Maier, I., Kim, J.-t., Keyrouz, S. G., de Havenon, A., Petersen, N. H., Pandhi, A., Swisher, C. B., Inamullah, O., Liman, J., Kodali, S., Giles, J. A., Allen, M., Wolfe, S. Q., Tsivgoulis, G., Cagle, B. A., Oravec, C. S., Gory, B., De Marini, P., Kan, P., Rahman, S., Richard, S., Nascimento, F. A., Spiotta, A.
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