Changing consumption of resources for respiratory support and short-term outcomes in four consecutive geographical cohorts of infants born extremely preterm over 25 years since the early 1990s

Added 707 days ago (10.09.2020)
Authors: Cheong, J. L. Y., Olsen, J. E., Huang, L., Dalziel, K. M., Boland, R. A., Burnett, A. C., Haikerwal, A., Spittle, A. J., Opie, G., Stewart, A. E., Hickey, L. M., Anderson, P. J., Doyle, L. W., on behalf of Members of the Victorian Infant Collaborative Study Group, Bear, Charlton, Clark, Courtot, Davis, Duff, Ellis, Hayes, Josev, Kelly, Lee, McDonald, McInnes, Novella, Roberts, Scott, Stevens, Turner
Journal: BMJ Open
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