Comprehensive characterization of single cell full-length isoforms in human and mouse with long-read sequencing

Added 38 days ago (10.08.2020)
Authors: Tian, L., Jabbari, J. S., Thijssen, R., Gouil, Q., Amarasinghe, S. L., Kariyawasam, H., Su, S., Dong, X., Law, C. W., Lucattini, A., Chung, J. D., Naim, T., Chan, A., Ly, C. H., Lynch, G. S., Ryall, J. G., Anttila, C. J. A., Peng, H., Anderson, M. A., Roberts, A. W., Huang, D. C. S., Clark, M. B., Ritchie, M. E.
Source: bioRxiv
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