Ancient DNA indicates human population shifts and admixture in northern and southern China

Added 101 days ago (16.07.2020)
Authors: Yang, M. A., Fan, X., Sun, B., Chen, C., Lang, J., Ko, Y.-C., Tsang, C.-h., Chiu, H., Wang, T., Bao, Q., Wu, X., Hajdinjak, M., Ko, A. M.-S., Ding, M., Cao, P., Yang, R., Liu, F., Nickel, B., Dai, Q., Feng, X., Zhang, L., Sun, C., Ning, C., Zeng, W., Zhao, Y., Zhang, M., Gao, X., Cui, Y., Reich, D., Stoneking, M., Fu, Q.
Source: ScienceNOW
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