High burden of Mycoplasma genitalium and other reproductive tract infections among pregnant women in Papua New Guinea

Added 52 days ago (24.05.2020)
Authors: Scoullar, M. J. L., Boeuf, P., Peach, E., Fidelis, R., Tokmun, K., Melepia, P., Elijah, A., Bradshaw, C. S., Fehler, G., Siba, P. M., Erskine, S., Mokany, E., Kennedy, E., Umbers, A. J., Luchters, S., Robinson, L. J., Wong, N. C., Vallely, A., Badman, S. G., Vallely, L. M., Fowkes, F. J. I., Morgan, C., Pomat, W., Crabb, B. S., Beeson, J. G.
Source: bioRxiv
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