Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in AML with t(6;9)(p23;q34);DEK-NUP214 shows a favourable outcome when performed in first complete remission.

Added 837 days ago (06.02.2020)
Authors: Díaz-Beyá M, Labopin M, Maertens J, Alijurf M, Passweg J, Dietrich B, Schouten H, Socié G, Schaap N, Schwerdtfeger R, Volin L, Michallet M, Polge E, Sierra J, Mohty M, Esteve J, Nagler A, Acute Leukaemia Working Party (ALWP) of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)
PubMed id: 32020596
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