Long-term patient-important outcomes after septic shock: a protocol for 1-year follow-up of the CLASSIC-trial.

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Authors: Kjaer MN, Meyhoff TS, Madsen MB, Hjortrup PB, Møller MH, Egerod I, Wetterslev J, Lange T, Cronhjort M, Laake JH, Jakob SM, Nalos M, Pettilä V, van der Horst ICC, Ostermann M, Mouncey P, Cecconi M, Ferrer R, L N G Malbrain M, Ahlstedt C, Hoffmann S, Bestle MH, Gyldensted L, Nebrich L, Russell L, Vang M, Sølling C, Brøchner AC, Rasmussen BS, Perner A
PubMed id: 31828753
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