P. falciparum gametocyte density and infectivity in peripheral blood and skin tissue of naturally infected parasite carriers

Added 30 days ago (15.10.2019)
Authors: Meibalan, E., Barry, A., Gibbins, M. P., Awandu, S., Meerstein-Kessel, L., Achcar, F., Bopp, S., moxon, C., Diarra, A., Debe, S., Ouedraogo, N., Barry-Some, I., Badoum, E., Fagnima, T., Lanke, K. H. W., Goncalves, B. P., Bradley, J., Drakeley, C., Wirth, D. F., Guelbeogo, W. M., Tiono, A., Marti, M., Bousema, T.
Source: bioRxiv
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