Global analysis of epigenetic heterogeneity identifies divergent drivers of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Added 121 days ago (18.05.2019)
Authors: CAO, W., Lee, H., Wu, W., Zaman, A., McCorkle, S., Yan, M., Chen, J., Xing, Q., Sinnott-Armstrong, N., Xu, H., Sailani, M. R., Tang, W., Cui, Y., Liu, J., Guan, H., Lv, P., Sun, X., Sun, L., Han, P., Lou, Y., Chang, J., Wang, J., Gao, Y., Guo, J., Schenk, G., Shain, A. H., Biddle, F. G., Collisson, E., Snyder, M., Bivona, T. G.
Source: bioRxiv
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