CHR-2797: An Antiproliferative Aminopeptidase Inhibitor that Leads to Amino Acid Deprivation in Human Leukemic Cells

Added 5034 days ago (13.08.2008)
Authors: Krige, D., Needham, L. A., Bawden, L. J., Flores, N., Farmer, H., Miles, L. E.C., Stone, E., Callaghan, J., Chandler, S., Clark, V. L., Kirwin-Jones, P., Legris, V., Owen, J., Patel, T., Wood, S., Box, G., Laber, D., Odedra, R., Wright, A., Wood, L. M., Eccles, S. A., Bone, E. A., Ayscough, A., Drummond, A. H.
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