Table of Contents

The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, by Nigel Ching; Foreword ; Acknowledgements ; Preface ; The Art of Diagnosis or How to Diagnose in Chinese Medicine; Diagnostic prerequisites ; Western diagnosis ; The diagnostic process ; Diagnostic models ; Treating complex patients with many patterns of imbalances ; Part 1.
The Diagnostic Pillars; Introduction to the Diagnostic Pillars; Section 1.
The Diagnostic Pillar: Visual Observation; Introduction; Visual diagnosis of a person's shen; Visual diagnosis of the body shape and posture; Visual diagnosis of a person's movements. Auditory diagnosis of other sounds coming from the mouth, nose and chest Diagnosis of sounds from the abdominal cavity ; Olfactory diagnosis ; Section 3.
The Diagnostic Pillar: Palpation; Introduction ; Pulse diagnosis ; Palpation of the abdomen, including Hara diagnosis ; Palpation of the chest ; Palpation of the skin; Palpation of the hands and feet ; Palpation of acupuncture points, channels and micro-systems ; Section 4.
The Diagnostic Pillar: Interviewing; Introduction ; Interviewing techniques ; The 10 questions ; General questions ; Disease history ; Temperature ; Energy levels. Sweating Thirst, appetite, taste ; Stools and Urination ; Heart, Lung and Chest ; Dizziness ; Skin, hair and nails ; The ears and eyes ; Sleep ; Pain ; Headache ; Enquiry that is specific to women ; Enquiry that is specific to men ; Enquiry with regard to the emotions and mental state; Lifestyle and diet ; Part 2.
The Diagnostic Models ; Introduction to the Diagnostic Models ; Section 5.
Diagnosis According to the Eight Principles ; Interior and exterior imbalances ; Exterior imbalances ; Interior imbalances ; Hot and Cold imbalances ; Heat ; Cold ; Combined Hot and Cold patterns. Visual diagnosis of a person's clothing Visual diagnosis of the face ; Visual diagnosis of the eyes; Visual diagnosis of the area around the eyes; Visual diagnosis of the forehead, the root of the nose and the area between the eyebrows; Visual diagnosis of the nose ; Visual diagnosis of the ears ; Visual diagnosis of the lips; Visual diagnosis of the mouth ; Visual diagnosis of the gums ; Visual diagnosis of the tongue; Visual diagnosis of the hair ; Visual diagnosis of the body hair; Visual diagnosis of the throat ; Visual diagnosis of the chest and the back ; Visual diagnosis of the back. Visual diagnosis of the limbs Visual diagnosis of the joints ; Visual diagnosis of the hands ; Visual diagnosis of the skin ; Visual diagnosis of veins ; Visual diagnosis of skin lesions ; Visual diagnosis of acupuncture points and channels ; Visual diagnosis in relation to micro?systems such as ear acupuncture ; Appendix to Section 1.
Visual Diagnosis of Children ; Section 2.
The Diagnostic Pillar: Listening and Smelling; Introduction; Auditory diagnosis; Auditory diagnosis of the person's voice ; The Five Phases in the voice; Quality of the voice. This textbook is a complete diagnostic manual for students of Chinese medicine. It covers how to collect and collate the relevant information needed to make a diagnosis and clearly describes the various diagnostic models in Chinese medicine.