Table of Contents

The archaeal flagellum : a novel prokaryotic motility structure and the role of posttranslational modifications in its assembly and function / Ken F. Jarrell.
Methanogenes and ammonia-oxidation archaeal communities in high temperature oil reservoirs / Hui Li [and others].
Diversity, function, and processing of archaeal non-coding RNAs / Kosuke Fujishima, Akio Kanai.
The archaea ribonuclease P : molecular mechanisms of thermal adaptation / Francisco Miralles.
Mechanosensitive channels in archaea : roles, lipid-protein interactions and future questions / Daniel Balleza.
The Nanoarchaeota : physiology, genomics, and phylogeny / Ana Casanueva, Marla Tuffin, Don A. Cowan.
Chaperonin and prefoldin-two molecular chaperones that work cooperatively in archaea and eukaryotes / Tamotsu Zako [and others].
Primary production and carbon cycling in the deep sea : archaeal carbon fixation and methane oxidation / Nianzhi Jiao [and others].