Table of Contents

Women's issues in modern Islamic thought / Barbara F. Stowasser.
Toward the development of post-Islamist and post-nationalist feminist discourses in the Middle East / Mervat Hatem.
Authenticity and gender : the presentation of culture / Julie M. Peteet.
Women and economic change in nineteenth-century Syria : the case of Aleppo / Margaret L. Meriwether.
Getting it together : Baladi Egyptian businesswomen / Evelyn Aleene Early.
Palestinian women under Israeli occupation : implications for development / Souad Dajani.
Independent women : more than a century of feminism in Egypt / Margot Badran.
Transforming culture or fostering second-hand consciousness? : Women's front organizations and revolutionary parties.
the Sudan case.
Sondra Hale.
Palestinian women and politics in Lebanon / Rosemary Sayrigh.
The Arab family in history : "otherness" and the study of the family / Judith E. Tucker.
Changing gender relations in a Moroccan town / Susan Schaefer Davis.
Rebellion, maturity, and the social context : Arab women's special contribution to literature / Evelyne Accad.