Table of Contents

Introduction. - Speech and language therapy: Autistic children's co-ordination of gaze and talk: re-examining the 'asocial' autist ; Co-constructing meaning in acquired speech disorders: word and letter repetition in the construction of turns ; A comparison of a mother and a therapist working on child speech. - Professional discourse: Talking an institution into being: the opening sequence in general practice consultations ; Would you like to do it yourself? service requests and their non-granting responses ; Social indentity and language choise in bilingual service talk ; University students resisting academic identity. - Native speaker and non-native speaker interaction: Different orientations to grammatical correctness ; Sidestepping grammar ; Discrimination due to nonnative speech production?. - Language learning: The organization of off-task talk in second language classrooms ; Vowel-marking as an interactional resource in Japanese novice ESL conversation ; Teaching patterns of interaction in English for specific purposes ; Conversation analysis as research methodology This book explores the relationship between conversation analysis and applied linguistics, demonstrating how the analysis of institutional talk can contribute to professional practice. With a foreword by Paul Drew, the core of the collection deals with topics as diverse as speech therapy and retailing; radio journalism and cross-cultural training.