Table of Contents

The Biological Foundations of Bioinformatics.
Biological databases.
Sequence Comparisons and Sequence-Based Database Searches.
The decoding of eukaryotic genomes.
Protein Structures and Structure-Based Rational Drug Design.
The Functional Analysis of Genomes.
Comparative genome analyses. This book introduces readers to the basic principles of bioinformatics and the practical application and utilization of computational tools, without assuming any prior background in programming or informatics. It provides a coherent overview of the complex field and focuses on the implementation of online tools, genome databases and software that can benefit scientists and students in the life sciences. Training tutorials with practical bioinformatics exercises and solutions facilitate the understanding and application of such tools and interpretation of results. In addition, a glossary explains terminology that is widely used in the field. This straightforward introduction to applied bioinformatics offers an essential resource for students, as well as scientists seeking to understand the basis of sequencing analysis, functional genomics and protein structure predictions.