Table of Contents

Invited Papers.
Making Work Flow: On the Application of Petri Nets to Business Process Management.
Model Validation — A Theoretical Issue?.
The Real-Time Refinement Calculus: A Foundation for Machine-Independent Real-Time Programming.
The Challenge of Object Orientation for the Analysis of Concurrent Systems.
Abstract Cyclic Communicating Processes: A Logical View.
Is the Die Cast for the Token Game?.
Regular Papers.
Quasi-Static Scheduling of Independent Tasks for Reactive Systems.
Data Decision Diagrams for Petri Net Analysis.
Non-controllable Choice Robustness Expressing the Controllability of Workflow Processes.
Real-Time Synchronised Petri Nets.
Computing a Finite Prefix of a Time Petri Net.
Verification of a Revised WAP Wireless Transaction Protocol.
Characterizing Liveness of Petri Nets in Terms of Siphons.
Petri Nets, Situations, and Automata.
Reproducibility of the Empty Marking.
Modeling and Analysis of Multi-class Threshold-Based Queues with Hysteresis Using Stochastic Petri Nets.
Tackling the Infinite State Space of a Multimedia Control Protocol Service Specification.
Modelling of Features and Feature Interactions in Nokia Mobile Phones Using Coloured Petri Nets.
Analysing Infinite-State Systems by Combining Equivalence Reduction and the Sweep-Line Method.
Regular Event Structures and Finite Petri Nets: The Conflict-Free Case.
A Formal Service Specification for the Internet Open Trading Protocol.
Transition Refinement for Deriving a Distributed Minimum Weight Spanning Tree Algorithm.
Token-Controlled Place Refinement in Hierarchical Petri Nets with Application to Active Document Workflow.
Translating TPAL Specifications into Timed-Arc Petri Nets.
Tool Presentation.
Maria: Modular Reachability Analyser for Algebraic System Nets.