Table of Contents

Appetite regulation in early childhood : the impact of parenting behaviours and child temperament / Faye Powell ... [et al.].
Role of appetite control in metabolic disease conditions / Stephen D. Anton, Pamela J. Dubyak, Kelly M. Naugle.
Appetite regulation and role of appetizers / K.S. Premavalli, D.D. Wadikar.
Association between soup intake and obesity-related parameters / Motonaka Kuroda ... [et al.].
Serotonin neurotransmission in anorexia nervosa / Darakhshan Jabeen Haleem.
Older and aging consumers diet and its influence on health : the Spanish case / Teresa García, Ildefonso Grande.
Appetite preferences : investigating the roles of relationship satisfaction and idealistic thinking in food decision-making strategies of romantic couples / Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke.
Phytochemicals for the control of human appetite and body weight / S.A. Tucci, E.J. Boyland, J.C. Halford.
Ghrelin : a peptide involved in the control of appetite / Carine de Vriese, Jason Pret, Christine Delporte.