Table of Contents

Appendicitis : symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments / Andy Petroianu.
Acute appendicitis in pregnancy / Goran Augustin, Mate Majerovic.
Appendicitis : symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments / Laura Armañanzas, Jaime Ruiz-Tovar, Rafael Calpena.
Antibiotic therapy alone in the management of acute appendicitis / George H. Sakorafas.
Diagnostic strategies in acute appendicitis / Amato Antonio Stabile Ianora ... [et al.].
Immunology of the appendix : effects of appendectomy / Juan Carlos Andreu-Ballester ... [et al.].
Utilization of the Alvarado score to perform CT for acute appendicitis / Robert McKay, Roger Barrowman, Ellis Hospital.
Vermiform appendix : embryology, anatomy, and variations / Ahsan Rao, Irfan Ahmed.
Appendicitis during pregnancy : a serious disease and a diagnostic problem / L. Penninga, E.I. Penninga.