Table of Contents

The phrenological dreamer : the popular medical and fictional writing of Robert Macnish (1802-1837) / Megan Coyer.
Animal magic : conjury and power in colonial taxidermy / John Miller.
A wizard/witch's duel : gender power struggles and the occult in surrealism / Rachel Grew.
Old spells, magic herbs and frightening creatures : the curandera in Rudolfo Anaya's Bless me, Ultima / João de Mancelos.
The rising gorge : poison, Hamlet and sin / Christa Mahalik.
Prescription narratives : rereading Joseph Cornell's Pharmacy series as a "modernist antidote" / Catriona McAra.
Theatres of memory and restraint : Matthew Barney among the Neo-Platonists / Corin Depper.
The popular use of "precious" stones medicinally in early modern Scotland / Tom Blaen.
Theodora, "the pills" and the saints : female practices toward drug prescrtiption, rearrangements of male therapeutic power / Athena Peglidou.
"I will put none of these diseases upon thee (-) for I am the Lord that healeth thee" : Christ as pharmacist and healer in iconography and literature of late medieval and early modern times / Jacek Kowzan.
Magic, mysticism and medicine : the medical career of John Webster (1611-1682) / Lindsey Fitzharris.
"They go by their dreams" : myth-making and rationality in the initiation of the shaman Quesalid / Harry Whitehead.
From mere bellies to the bad shaman : roles of the contemporary poet / Bill Herbert. ÂThe Apothecaryâs Chest: Magic, Art and Medicationâ was a one-day symposium held at the University of Glasgow on November 24, 2007. The symposium called for a discussion on the evolution of the notions of mysticism, knowledge and superstition in the.