Table of Contents

The AO spine thoracolumbar injury classification / Adam J. Bevevino, Alexander R. Vaccaro, and Robyn Rubenstein.
Radiographic assessment of thoracolumbar fractures / S. Rajasekaran, Rishi Mugesh Kanna, Anupama Maheswaran, and Ajoy P. Shetty.
Posterior minimally invasive surgery in thoracolumbar fractures / Matti Scholz, Philipp Schleicher, and Frank Kandziora.
Anterior minimally invasive surgery in thoracolumbar fractures / Phillipp Schleicher and Frank Kandziora.
Cervicothoracic spine fractures / Rod J. Oskouian and Jens R. Chapman.
Transpedicular and costotransversectomy approaches for trauma : indications and techniques / Richard Jackson Bransford, Alireza K. Anissipour, Zachary A. Child and Carlo Bellabarba.
Short or long posterior fusion : determining the extent of fixation / Luiz Roberto Vialle, Emiliano Vialle, Joana B. C .R. Guasque and Luiz Gustavo Dal Oglio Rocha.
Burst fracture treatment / F. Cumhur Oner and J. J. Verlaan.
Differentiating lumbar fractures from thoracolumbar fractures / Jonathan Belding, Darrel S. Brodke, and Brandon D. Lawrence.
Thoracolumbar fracture fixation in the osteoporotic patient / Theodore J. Choma.
Correction of posttraumatic deformity / Klaus John Schnake and Robert Morrison.
Fractures in ankylosing conditions / Zachary A. Child and Richard Jackson Bransford.
Spinopelvic fixation / Carlo Bellabarba and Richard Jackson Bransford.