Table of Contents

Pathobiology of spinal cord injury / Hiroaki Nakashima, Narihito Nagoshi, and Michael G. Fehlings.
Assessment of functional status and outcomes of individuals with traumatic spinal cord injury / Christian Schuld and Norbert Weidner.
Serum and CSF biomarkers to predict functional recovery after spinal cord injury / Seth S. Tigchelaar and Brian K. Kwon.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the injured spinal cord : the present and the future / Allan R. Martin, Julien Cohen-Adad, and Michael G. Fehlings.
Acute nonoperative management of traumatic spinal cord injury : state of the art / Joshua S. Catapano, Gregory W.J. Hawryluk, and Michael G. Fehlings.
Role and timing of surgery for traumatic spinal cord injury : what do we know and what should we do? / Christopher D. Witiw and Michael G. Fehlings.
Methylprednisolone as a valid option for acute spinal cord injury : a reassessment of the literature / Michael G. Fehlings and Newton Cho.
Neuroprotection of the injured spinal cord : what does the future hold? / Michael G. Fehlings and Christopher S. Ahuja.
Hydrogel biomaterials in spinal cord repair and regeneration / Manuel Ingo Gunther, Thomas Schackel, Norbert Weidner, and Armin Blesch.
Neural stem cell transplantation for spinal cord repair / Ina Simeonova, Beatrice Sandner, and Norbert Weidner.
Strategies to overcome the inhibitory environment of the spinal cord / Elizabeth J. Bradbury and Emily R. Burnside.
Functional electrical stimulation and neuromodulation approaches to enhance recovery after spinal cord injury / Cesar Marquez-Chin, Emilie Sagripanti, and Milos R. Popovic.
Advanced rehabilitation strategies for individuals with traumatic spinal cord injury / William Z. Rymer, Sheila Burt, and Arun Jayaraman.
Brain-computer interfaces to enhance function after spinal cord injury / Rudiger Rupp.