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Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Discovery and Development of Atazanavir / Awny Farajallah, R Todd Bunch, Nicholas A Meanwell.
Discovery and Development of PL-100, A Novel HIV-1 Protease Inhibitor / Jinzi J Wu, Joseph Musto.
Darunavir (Prezista, TMC114): From Bench to Clinic, Improving Treatment Options for HIV-Infected Patients / Marie-Pierre de B̌thune, Vanitha Sekar, Sabrina Spinosa-Guzman, Marc Vanstockem, Sandra De Meyer, Piet Wigerinck, Eric Lefebvre.
Discovery and Development of Tipranavir / Karen R Romines.
TMC278 (Rilpivirine): A Next-Generation NNRTI in Phase III Clinical Development for Treatment-Naive Patients / Jerome Guillemont, Katia Boven, Herta Crauwels, Marie-Pierre de B̌thune.
Etravirine: From TMC125 to Intelence: A Treatment Paradigm Shift for HIV-Infected Patients / Koen Andries, Ann Debunne, Thomas N Kakuda, Michael Kukla, Ruud Leemans, Johan Vingerhoets, Brian Woodfall, Marie-Pierre de B̌thune.
Discovery and Development of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate / Erik De Clercq.
Discovery and Development of Apricitabine / Susan Cox, John Deadman, Justine Southby, Jonathan Coates.
Discovery and Development of Maraviroc and PF-232798: CCR5 Antagonists for the Treatment of HIV-1 Infection / Patrick Dorr, Paul Stupple.
Discovery of the CCR5 Antagonist Vicriviroc (Sch 417690/Sch-D) for the Treatment of HIV-1 Infection / Jayaram R Tagat, Julie M Strizki, Lisa M Dunkle.
Discovery and Development of HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors That Target gp120 / John F Kadow, John Bender, Alicia Regueiro-Ren, Yasutsugu Ueda, Tao Wang, Kap-Sun Yeung, Nicholas A Meanwell.
Discovery of MK-0536: A Potential Second-Generation HIV-1 Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor with a High Genetic Barrier to Mutation / Melissa S Egbertson, John S Wai, Mark Cameron, R Scott Hoerrner.
Discovery and Development of HIV Integrase Inhibitor Raltegravir / Vincenzo Summa, Paola Pace.
Elvitegravir: A Novel Monoketo Acid HIV-1 Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor / Hisashi Shinkai, Masanori Sato, Yuji Matsuzaki.
Hepatitis C Virus. Discovery and Development of Telaprevir / Anne-Laure Grillot, Luc J Farmer, B Govinda Rao, William P Taylor, Ilan S Weisberg, Ira M Jacobson, Robert B Perni, Ann D Kwong.
Discovery and Development of BILN 2061 and Follow-Up BI 201335 / Montse Llin̉s-Brunet, Peter W White.
Intervention of Hepatitis C Replication through NS3-4A, the Protease Inhibitor Boceprevir / Srikanth Venkatraman, F George Njoroge.
Discovery and Development of the HCV NS3/4A Protease Inhibitor Danoprevir (ITMN-191/RG7227) / Scott D Seiwert, Karl Kossen, Lin Pan, Jyanwei Liu, Brad O Buckman.
Discovery and Development of the HCV Protease Inhibitor TMC435 / Pierre Raboisson, Gregory Fanning, Herman de Kock, Asa Rosenquist, Rene Verloes, Kenneth Simmen.
Discovery and Clinical Evaluation of the Nucleoside Analog Balapiravir (R1626) for the Treatment of HCV Infection / Klaus Klumpp, David B Smith.
Discovery and Development of PSI-6130/RG7128 / Phillip A Furman, Michael J Otto, Michael J Sofia.
Discovery of Cyclophilin Inhibitor NIM811 as a Novel Therapeutic Agent for HCV / Kai Lin.
HCV Viral Entry Inhibitors / Flossie Wong-Staal, Guohong Liu, Jeffrey McKelvy.
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibitors. Discovery of the RSV Inhibitor TMC353121 / Jean-Fraṅois Bonfanti, Gabriela Ispas, Frans Van Velsen, Wieslawa Olszewska, Tom Gevers, Dirk Roymans.
Discovery and Development of Orally Active RSV Fusion Inhibitors / Nicholas A Meanwell, Christopher W Cianci, Mark R Krystal.
Discovery and Development of RSV604 / Joanna Chapman, Stuart Cockerill.
Influenza, Hepatitis B, and Cytomegalovirus Inhibitors. Discovery and Development of Influenza Virus Sialidase Inhibitor Relenza / Robin Thomson, Mark von Itzstein.
Discovery and Development of Entecavir / Richard Wilber, Bruce Kreter, Marc Bifano, Stephanie Danetz, Lois Lehman-McKeeman, Daniel J Tenney, Nicholas Meanwell, Robert Zahler, Helena Brett-Smith.
Benzimidazole Ribonucleosides: Novel Drug Candidates for the Prevention and Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Diseases / Karen K Biron, Kristjan S Gudmundsson, John C Drach.
Index. This book focuses on new small molecule approaches to combat viral infections. The chapters describe the discovery and development from bench through the clinic of relatively recently-approved antiviral drugs and compounds in advanced clinical development. Organized by a virus (such as HIV, HCV, RSV, influenza, HBV and CMV) and written by top academic and industrial authorities in the field, the book provides a unique opportunity to study, understand and apply discovery and development principles and learning without the need for an individual to research, analyze and synthesize all immense sourcing references. Topics showcase challenges and solutions of issues encountered, offering tremendous experience accumulated over many years of research that will be particularly useful to basic and bench scientists as well as clinicians as they continue discovering and developing new drugs and therapies.