Table of Contents

Antimicrobial resistance of dental plaque biofilm.
The prophylactic use of antibiotics in periodontal therapy.
The systemic use of antibiotics in periodontal therapy.
The topical use of antibiotic in periodontal pockets.
The use of chemical supragingival plaque control in periodontal therapy.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Periodontal diseases are the major cause of tooth mortality in many industrialized countries and most developing nations. The significance of microorganisms in the development of virtually all types of periodontal disease is indisputable. This book is an encyclopedic collection of data from scientific papers and textbooks that form a sound basis for a thorough understanding of the antibiotics and antiseptics used in periodontal therapy. The prophylactic, systemic, and topical uses of antibiotics are discussed in detail, identifying the indications, advantages, disadvantages, and efficacy of ea.