Table of Contents

Healthcare Associated Infections-The Size of the Problem.
The Antibiotic Paradox.
The Epidemiology of Pan/Extreme Drug Resistance.
Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship to Control Resistance-How Should It be Done?.
Controlling Clostridium difficile Infection and the Role of Antibiotic Stewardship.
The Control of MRSA.
The Role of Antibiotic Policies in Controlling VRE.
The Control of ESBL-Producing Bacteria.
Controlling Hospital-Acquired Infection due to Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE).
Control of Multi-Drug Resistant Acinetobacter Infections.
The Control of Multidrug-Resistant Pseudomonas: Insights into Epidemiology and Management.
Multidrug-Resistant Infections in Low-Resource Health Care Settings.
Germ Shed Management in the United States.
Required Actions to Control Antimicrobial Resistant Healthcare-Associated Infections.