Table of Contents

Part I: Health promotion across the life span. Childhood nutrition / Christine M. Kennedy.
Health care for the school-age child / Kathleen Ann Long and David Williams.
Childhood diabetes: behavioral research / Patricia Brandt.
Prevention of mental health problems in adolescence / Susan Kools.
The development of sexual risk taking in adolescence / Rosemary A. Jadack and Mary L. Keller.
Motivation for physical activity among children and adolescents / Nola J. Pender.
Health promotion in old age / Susan M. Heidrich.
Health promotion for family caregivers of chronically ill elders / Barbara A. Given and Charles W. Given. Part II: Research on care delivery. Prenatal and parenting programs for adolescent mothers / Paulette J. Perrone Hoyer. Part III: Other research. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: strategies to improve functional status / Janet L. Larson and Nancy Kline Leidy.
Schizophrenia / Jeanne C. Fox and Catherine F. Kane.