Table of Contents

The anatomy of an anesthesia machine (in words normal people can understand).
The how and why of a good machine check.
Better living through chemistry: anesthetic pharmacology.
What are they gonna' do to you?! (pre-operative evaluation & consent).
The ABCs start with "airway" (or, how to intubate and maintain anesthesia).
Waking up and hitting the road: extubation, post-op, and giving report.
Don't launch your lunch: anti-nausea therapy.
Big no-no's.
Sharp objects, part I: IVs, arterial lines, and central lines.
Sharp objects, part II: epidurals and spinals.
Less filling, tastes great: a few anesthesia controversies.
What if?: a brief guide to various situations.
Anesthesia: from the past to the future.
You call it a what? (a brief glossary of anesthesia terms).