Table of Contents

Existing anatomy ontologies for human, model organisms and plants.
Anatomical ontologies for model organisms : the fungi and animals / Jonathan Bard.
Plant structure ontology (PSO) : a morphological and anatomical ontology of flowering plants / Katica Ilic ... [et al.].
Anatomy for clinical terminology / Alan L. Rector.
The foundational model of anatomy ontology / Cornelius Rosse and José L.V. Mejino, Jr..
Towards a disease ontology / Paul N. Schofield, Björn Rozell, Georgios V. Gkoutos.
Engineering and linking of anatomy ontologies.
Ontology alignment and merging / Patrick Lambrix, He Tan.
COBrA and COBrA-CT : ontology engineering tools / Stuart Aitken, Yin Chen.
XSPAN : a cross-species anatomy network / Albert Burger, Jonathan Bard.
Searching biomedical literature with anatomy ontologies / Thomas Wächter ... [et al.].
Anatomy ontologies and spatio-temporal atlases.
Anatomical ontologies : linking names to places in biology / Richard A. Baldock, Albert Burger.
Time in anatomy / Duncan Davidson.
The Edinburgh mouse atlas / Richard Baldock, Duncan Davidson.
The smart atlas : spatial and semantic strategies for multiscale integration of brain data / Maryann E. Martone ... [et al.].
Anatomy ontologies : modelling principles.
Modelling principles and methodologies : relations in anatomical ontologies / Fabian Neuhaus, Barry Smith.
Modeling principles and methodologies : spatial representation and reasoning / Thomas Bittner ... [et al.].
CARO : the common anatomy reference ontology / Melissa A. Haendel ... [et al.]. Provides a collection of papers on anatomy ontologies. This book aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of anatomical ontologies and the-state-of-the-art in terms of tools and applications.