Table of Contents

General anatomy of the heart in the chest.
Age-related cardiac changes.
Aortic valve.
Mitral valve.
Tricuspid and pulmonary valve.
Ischemic heart disease.
Right ventricular diseases.
Diseases of the aorta.
Pericardial diseases.
Prosthetic heart valves.
Infective endocarditis and related conditions.
Neoplasm, cardiac tumor.
Congenital heart disease.
Cardiac source of embolism.
Assessment of diastolic function.
Cardiac involvement by systemic diseases.
Interventional procedures. The aim of this book is to provide a systematic approach to echocardiographic diagnosis based upon a comprehensive understanding of cardiac anatomy. We shall provide abundant anatomic correlates of echocardiographic findings throughout the book. The book will be divided into three sections. Each chapter will cover both normal and pathological findings on echocardiography with anatomic correlation. The first section will address the normal findings which can be appreciated by current day echocardiography. The impact of aging on cardiac structure and function will also be covered in this section.