Table of Contents

Sudden deaths : the chronology of terminal Pleistocene megafaunal extinction / Stuart Fiedel.
Estimates of Clovis-era megafaunal populations and their extinction risks / Gary Haynes.
Paleobiology and extinction of proboscideans in the Great Lakes region of North America / Daniel C. Fisher.
Human prey choice in the late Pleistocene and its relation to megafaunal extinctions / Todd A. Surovell and Nicole M. Waguespack.
Ancient DNA and the genetic consequences of late Pleistocene extinctions / Alex D. Greenwood.
Did humans cause the late Pleistocene-early Holocene mammalian extinctions in South America in a context of shrinking open areas? / Alberto L. Cione, Eduardo P. Tonni, and Leopoldo Soibelzon.
The elusive evidence : the archaeological record of the South American extinct megafauna / Luis Alberto Borrero.
Insulae infortunatae : establishing a chronology for late Quaternary mammal extinctions in the West Indies / R.D.E. MacPhee.
Afterword, and thoughts about the future literature / Gary Haynes.