Table of Contents

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE PERCEPTIONS, USES AND BENEFITS AND CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS ; ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE PERCEPTIONS, USES AND BENEFITS AND CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS ; CONTENTS ; PREFACE ; PART ONE: USERS ; Chapter 1 UPDATE ON THE USE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE BY THE ELDERLY ; ABSTRACT; EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDIES ; STUDIES ON SPECIFIC CAM MODALITIES ; Tai Chi ; Yoga, Dance, Video Games and Massage Therapy ; Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness Meditation and Integrative Medicine; Can CAM Treatment Be Harmful to the Elderly? ; CONCLUSION; REFERENCES CAM Resonates with Alternative Views, and Is a Choice that Represents Integrity DISCUSSION ; CONCLUSION ; REFERENCES ; PART TWO: PRACTITIONERS ; Chapter 3 NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR OFFICES IN ONTARIO, CANADA: THE RELEVANCE OF VISIBLE LOCATIONS AND PATIENT PROXIMITY ; ABSTRACT ; 1. INTRODUCTION; 2. THE EMERGING CAM LITERATURE ; 3. OBJECTIVES, METHODOLOGY AND DATA SOURCES; 4. RESULTS ; 4.1. Offices of Naturopathic Doctors: Ontario-Wide Patterns and Visibility Trends ; 4.2. Naturopathic Patient Characteristics and Proximity Trends in Greater Sudbury and Waterloo; CONCLUSION ; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 2 ALTERNATIVE WORLDVIEWS AND HEALTH-CONSUMER AGENCY ARE ASSOCIATED WITH USE OF COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE (CAM) AMONG POORER RURAL CONSUMERS IN AUSTRALIA ABSTRACT ; INTRODUCTION; Content of the Chapter ; Defining and Situating CAM in Relation to Biomedicine, for Research among Poor Rural Consumers ; METHODOLOGY AND THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK ; Design and Conduct of an Ethnographic Research Project ; A Polarised Theoretical Premise ; THE LOCATION AND RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS ; 'Sephirah': Demographics of a 'Typical' Low-Income Rural Town in Victoria Social and Economic Challenges of Life in Sephirah BUILDING UNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT CAM USE FROM LITERATURE AND RESEARCH DATA ; Understanding CAM Consumer Worldviews ; In Relation to Biomedicine: CAM as Activism and Agency ; GROUPED THEMES FROM THE RESEARCH DATA; Common Uses of CAM ; Formalising CAM ; Informal CAM ; UNPACKING THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DATA ; CAM is Both Contemporary and Ancient, and Incorporates New Understandings through a Folk Process ; CAM Resists Widespread Excess Medicalisation, which Limits Appreciation of Whole Persons