Table of Contents

The physiologic basis of manipulation / Scott T. Stoll, David Russo.
The efficacy of manipulative treatment / James W. Atchison.
Chiropractic therapy in the rehabilitation of neuromusculoskeletal diseases / Ralph E. Gay, Craig F. Nelson.
Massage as a form of complementary and alternative healing modality for physical manipulation / Jackson C. Tan.
Tai Chi Chuan / Steven L. Wolf, Michael J. O'Grady, Tingsen Xu.
Yoga in medicine / Loren Fishman.
The Alexander technique / Glenna Batson.
Prayer, meditation, and spirituality in rehabilitation / Ann C. Cotter ... [et al.].
Biofeedback as an adjunct in rehabilitation medicine / Nomita Sonty.
Clinical hypnosis / Philip R. Appel.
Acupuncture: from Qi to biomedical science / Gary Kaplan.
Nutritional therapy in rehabilitation / Ronald L. Hoffman.
Research program of the NIH Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in stroke and neurologic disorders: 1995-2000 / Samuel C. Shiflett.
Reading the complementary and alternative medicine literature / Mark A. Thomas.
Paying for complementary and alternative medicine / James Dillard.
Low back pain: an integrative treatment approach / Gary Kaplan, Robert Umlauf.
Alternative therapies for complications of diabetes mellitus / Richard K. Bernstein.
Qi Gong exercise in treatment of cumulative trauma disorder / Philip Harris.
Clinical applications of magnetic therapy for neuropathic pain / Michael I. Weintraub.