Table of Contents

Information about the origination of this book.
a short overview of a widespread disease.
Aetiology of addiction.
Prevention strategies.
Diagnosis of abuse and addiction.
Types, dimensions and aetiology.
Motives for alcohol-and/or tobacco addicted patients to seek medical help.
Dectecion of alcohol and tobacco addiction.
Therapeutic strategies in alchohol and tobacco addiction.
Socialtherapy of alchohol.
and tobacco dependents with regards to Lesch's typology. Alcohol and nicotine addiction mostly occur together. Over the last ten years therapeutic aspects and motivational strategies have been considerably improved. Hence, groups and subgroups have been defined and can be treated with specific medication and tailor-made psychotherapies, leading in the long term to considerably better and more effective results than the once broadly applied, rigorous abstinence -based therapies. However, alcohol and nicotine addiction still represent major medical and social problems. In this book, new therapeutic approaches are comprehensively described, outlining t.