Table of Contents

Physiology of the airway.
Airway Assessment-A Critical Appraisal.
Video laryngoscopy & indirect intubating aids in airway management.
Perioperative care of ambulatory anaesthesia.
The pediatric airway: Normal and abnormal.
Intubation of the pediatric patient.
The difficult pediatric airway: Management options.
Perioperative Management of obstructive sleep apnea.
Airway management in traumatic brain injury.
Airway management in cervical spine injured patients.
Indigenous devises in difficult airway management.
Surgical airway.
Surgical approaches to airway management.-Difficult Airway in Obstetrics.
Ultrasonography: Heralding a new era in airway management. This book integrates chapters on a variety of topics ranging from airway physiology to scenarios of a difficult airway, and reviews and management options in patients who are known to have a difficult airway such as the difficult pediatric airway, the difficult airway in obstetrics, and those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. All thechapters are written by renowned contributors from all over the world with tremendous experience and expertise in the various fields. The probable overspill of the secretions into the lungs is a tangible fear and this aspect has been fully addressed in the chapters. The reviews presented herein describe difficult airway scenarios in a plethora of clinical settings that would help the anesthesiologists, emergency medicine specialists and the intensivists in taking steps in the right direction when posed with a challenging airway, thus ensuring safe anesthesia practice and patient care, which is our most cherished goal.