Table of Contents

Air pollution and health in developing countries: the context / Frank Murray and Gordon McGranahan.
Health-damaging air pollution: a matter of scale / Kirk R. Smith and Sameer Akbar.
Air pollution and health: studies in the Americas and Europe / Mort Lippmann.
Air pollution and health in developing countries: a review of epidemiological evidence / Isabelle Romieu and Mauricio Hernandez.
Local ambient air quality management / Dietrich Schwela.
Rapid assessment of air pollution and health: making optimal use of data for policy and decision-making / Yasmin von Schirnding.
A systematic approach to air quality management: examples from the URBAIR cities / Steinar Larssen ... [et al.].
Indoor air pollution / Sumeet Saksena and Kirk R. Smith.
Vehicle emissions and health in developing countries / Michael P. Walsh.
Air quality in Hong Kong and the impact of pollution on health, 1988-1997 / Anthony Johnson Hedley ... [et al.].
Air pollution and its impacts on health in Santiago, Chile / Bart D. Ostro.
Air quality and health in greater Johannesburg / Angela Mathee and Yasmin von Schirnding. In developing countries the price of rapid growth is all too often noxious airborne pollution which annually contributes to a disturbing number of avoidable deaths. In recent decades however there has been considerable progress in the epidemiology of air pollution significant changes in international air pollution guidelines and the emergence of more systematic approaches to air pollution control. While many of these advances have originated in affluent countries there have been major developments in other parts of the world. In this book a distinguished cast of leading researchers in both the.