Table of Contents

(cont.) The limitations of rational decision-making models as applied to young people's sexual behaviour / Roger Ingham, Alison Woodcock and Karen Stenner.
'Obviously the advice is then to keep to safer sex' : advice-giving and advice reception in AIDS counselling / David Silverman [and others].
The voluntary sector, gay men and HIV/AIDS / Kathy McCann. Gay men, HIV/AIDS and social research : an Antipodean perspective / Gary Dowsett, Mark Davis and Bob Connell.
AIDS, the media and health policy / Virginia Berridge.
'African AIDS' : the media and audience beliefs / Jenny Kitzinger and David Miller.
The politics of AIDS in Britain and Germany / Richard Freeman.
Female prostitution and AIDS : the realities of social exclusion / Graham Scambler and Rebecca Graham-Smith.
Sexual risk among amphetamine misusers : prospects for change / Hilary Klee.
HIV/AIDS knowledge and migrant workers / Mary Haour-Knipe [and others].
The importance of gay community in the prevention of HIV transmission : a study of Australian men who have sex with men / Susan Kippax [and others].
Alcohol use and unsafe sexual behaviour : any connection? / Peter Weatherburn and Project SIGMA.
On relapse : recidivism or rational response? / Peter Davies and Project SIGMA.
Pressure, resistance, empowerment : young women and the negotiation of safer sex / Janet Holland [and others].