Table of Contents

The rise of occult powers, AIDS and the Roman Catholic church in western Uganda / Heike Behrend.
Christian salvation and Luo tradition : arguments of faith in a time of death in western Kenya / Ruth Prince.
The new wives of Christ : paradoxes and potentials in the remaking of widow lives in Uganda / Catrine Christiansen.
AIDS and the power of God : narratives of decline and coping strategies in Zanzibar / Nadine Beckmann.
Competing explanations and treatment choices : Muslims, AIDS and ARVs in Tanzania / Felicitas Becker.
'Muslims have instructions' : HIV/AIDS, modernity and Islamic religious education in Kisumu, Kenya / Jonas Svensson.
'Keeping up appearances' : sex and religion amongst university students in Uganda / Jo Sadgrove.
Healing the wounds of modernity : salvation, community and care in a Neo-Pentecostal church in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania / Hansjörg Dilger.
Gloves in times of AIDS : Pentecostalism, hair and social distancing in Botswana / Rijk van Dijk.
Leprosy of a deadlier kind : Christian conceptions of AIDS in the South African Lowveld / Isak Niehaus.
Subjects of counselling : religion, HIV/AIDS and the management of everyday life in South Africa / Marian Burchardt.
Therapeutic evangelism : confessional technologies, antiretrovirals and biospiritual transformation in the fight against AIDS in West Africa / Vinh-Kim Nguyen. Explores how AIDS is understood, confronted and lived with through religious ideas and practices, and how these, in turn, are reinterpreted and changed by the experience of AIDS. This title examines the social production, and productivity, of AIDS, linking bodily and spiritual experiences, and religious, medical, political and economic discourses.