Table of Contents

Building the political case for agro-industries and agribusiness in developing countries / Spencer Henson, John Cranfield.
Agro-industry trends, patterns and development impacts / John Wilkinson, Rudi Rocha.
Technologies shaping the future / Colin Dennis, José Miguel Aguilera, Morton Satin.
Enabling environments for competitive agro-industries / Ralph Christy ... [et al.].
Business models that are inclusive of small farmers / Bill Vorley, Mark Lundy, James MacGregor.
Corporate social responsibility for agro-industries development / Claudia Genier, Mike Stamp, Marc Pfitzer.
Annex: Agriculture for development: implications for agro-industries / Alain de Janvry. The development of competitive agro-industries is crucial for creating employment and income opportunities as well as enhancing the quality of and demand for farm products. This book addresses strategies required for improving agro-industrial competitiveness in ways that can generate employment and fight poverty in the developing world.