Table of Contents

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Note on Terminology and Abbreviations.
Introduction: an Interdisciplinary Approach for Agriculture, Hydrology and Water Quality.
PM.Haygarth and S.C.Jarvis --Section 1.Agriculture: Potential Sources of Water Pollution.
Introduction: Agriculture as a Potential Source of Water Pollution.
D.Hatch, K.Goulding and D.Murphy.
P Leinweber, B.L.Turner and R.Meissner.
D.R.Chadwick and S.Chen.
4.Pesticides and Persistent Organic Pollutants.
B.Gevao and K.C.Jones.
5.Heavy Metals.
W de Vries, PF.A.M.R6mkens, T.van Leeuwen and J.J.B.Bronswijk.
6.Human Enteric Pathogens.
D.L.Jones, G.Campbell and C.W Kaspar.
TR.Harrod and F.D.Theurer.
8.Nutrient Balances.
D.B.Beegle, L.E.Lanyon and J.T.Sims --Section 2.Hydrology: the Carrier and Transport of Water Pollution.
Introduction: Modelling Hydrological and Nutrient Transport Processes.
9.Hydrological Source Management of Pollutants at the Soil Profile Scale.
R.W McDowell, A.N.Sharpley, P.J.A.Kleinman and W.J.Gburek.
10.Hydrological Mobilization of Pollutants at the Field/Slope Scale.
D.Nash, D.Halliwell andJ.Cox.
11.Modelling Hydrological Mobilization of Nutrient Pollutants at the Catchment Scale.
Y.J.P.Van Herpe, PA.Troch, PF.Quinn and S.Anthony.
12.Pollutant-Sediment Interactions: Sorption, Reactivity and Transport of Phosphorus.
D.S.Baldwin, A.M, Mitchell and J.M.Olley.
13.Quantifying Sediment and Nutrient Pathways within Danish Agricultural Catchments.
B.Kronvang, R.Grant, A.R.Laubel and M.L.Pedersen.
14.Development of Geographical Information Systems for Assessing Hydrological Aspects of Diffuse Nutrient and Sediment Transfer from Agriculture.
15.Wetlands as Regulators of Pollutant Transport.
M.S.A.Blackwell, D.V Hogan and E.Maltby --Section 3.Water Quality: Impacts and Case Studies from Around the World.
Introduction: Impacts of Agriculture on Water Quality Around the World.
16.Solutions to Nutrient Management Problems in the Chesapeake Bay.
Watershed, USA.
J.T Sims and F.J.Coale.
17.Nutrient and Pesticide Transfer from Agricultural Soils to Water in New Zealand.
K.C.Cameron, H.J.Di and L.M.Condron.
18.Land, Water and People: Complex Interactions in the Murrumbidgee River Catchment, New South Wales, Australia.
S.Pengelly and G.Fishburn.
19.Managing the Effects of Agriculture on Water Quality in Northern Ireland.
R.H.Foy and WC.K.O'Connor.
20.Conflicts and Problems with Water Quality in the Upper Catchment of the Manyame River, Zimbabwe.
KE.Motsi, E.Mangwayana and K.E.Giller.
21.Dryland Salinization: a Challenge for Land and Water Management in the Australian Landscape.
J.Williams, G.R.Walker and T.Hatton.
22.Quantifying Nutrient Limiting Conditions in Temperate River Systems.
A.C.Edwards and PA.Chambers.