Table of Contents

The WTO, international trade and agricultural policy reform / C.P. Rodgers and M.N. Cardwell.
The Uruguay Round agreement on agriculture and domestic support / M.R. Grossman.
The politics of agricultural trade / W. Grant.
Farm subsidies and agricultural trade policy : the case of US support programs / D.A. Sumner.
Multifunctionality and non trade concerns / M.R. Grossman.
Multifunctionality of agriculture : a European Community perspective / M. Cardwell.
TRIPS and the protection of intellectual property in biotechnology in the United States / T. Feitshans.
TRIPS, biotechnology, and the public domain : what role will world trade law play? / J. Linarelli.
Regulating GM products in the EU : risk, precaution, and international trade / C. Hilson and D. French.
International trade in genetically altered agricultural products : impact of the biosafety protocol / N.W. Thorson.
Environmental policy and reform of European agriculture law / C. Rodgers.
Reforming United States environmental regulations for agriculture : impediments and opportunities / D. Adelman.