Table of Contents

Financial exploitation of the elderly: Review of the epidemic— its victims, national impact and legislative solutions.
One Piece of the Puzzle – Financial Exploitation and Elder Abuse.
Barriers to Recognition.
Financial Abuse of the Elderly - Risk Factors.
Screening Older Patients for Risk Factors Associated with Financial Exploitation.
Clinical Assessment of Financial Decision Making Capacity.
Next Steps: Documentation and Accessing Community Healthcare Resources.
Financial Exploitation – The Legal Perspective.
Financial and Legal Methods to Protect Individuals from Financial Exploitation.
Critical Documents Associated with Aging: An Organized Guide to Personal Files.
Who Can You Turn To – the Role of Adult Protective Services (APS) and Other Community Resources.
Being the Advocate – Disseminating Knowledge About Financial Exploitation to the Community.
Future Directions: Public Policy and Advocacy. Increasingly, we hear of more and more elders falling victim to financial exploitation. Although this form of elder abuse has been recognized for years, its incidence, prevalence, and impact on the common individual has been only more recently brought to the spotlight. Despite these circumstances, recognition of risk factors and indicators of financial exploitation are not widely disseminated. Additionally, once situations are identified and confronted, the knowledge of what to do next is lacking. These gaps are present within the medical community, law-enforcement, and the finance community – areas where opportunities for recognition and intervention are common. Our elders often have no idea of what to do when they see their own risk or when they fall victim. Aging and Money: Reducing Risk of Financial Exploitation and Protecting Financial Resources helps clinicians to integrate identification of such indicators of abuse into their geriatric assessment as well as guide them in performing an assessment of an individuals’ financial decision-making capacity when appropriate.   Aging and Money: Reducing Risk of Financial Exploitation and Protecting Financial Resources is an essential new text that provides the practicing clinician with information on identifying risk factors and clinical clues associated with financial exploitation and how to incorporate these steps into their practice.