Table of Contents

1. Biography in Adult Development and Aging / J.-E Ruth and G.M. Kenyon.
2. The Meaning/Value of Personal Storytelling / G.M. Kenyon.
3. Emotionality and Continuity in Biographical Contexts / W. Mader.
4. Studying Older Lives: Reciprocal Acts of Telling and Listening / B.J. Choler and T.K. Cole.
5. Narrative Knowing and the Study of Lives / D.E. Polkinghorne.
6. Competence and Quality of Life: Theoretical Views of Biography / T. Svensson.
7. The Fractal Structure of Lives: Continuity and Discontinuity in Autobiography / J.J.F. Schroots.
8. Narrating the Self in Adulthood / D.P. McAdams.
9. The Complexity of Personal Narratives / B. de Vries and A.J. Lehman.
10. Ways of Life: Old Age in a Life History Perspective / J.-E. Ruth and P. Oberg.
11. Experienced Aging as Elucidated by Narratives / R.-L. Heikkinen.
12. Beyond Life Narratives in the Therapeutic Encounter / K.J. Gergen. Personal life narratives can serve as a rich source of new insights into the experience of human aging. In this comprehensive volume, an international team of editors and contributors provide effective approaches to using biography to enhance our understanding of adult development. In addition to providing new theoretical aspects on aging and biography, the book also details new developments concerning the practical use of different biographical approaches in both research and clinical work. This is a landmark volume advancing the use of narrative approaches in gerontology.