Table of Contents

Fundamental Structures and Behaviors of Proteins.
Protein Aggregation Pathways, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics.
Identification and Impact of Aggregation-Prone Regions in Proteins and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies.
External Factors Affecting Protein Aggregation.
Experimental Detection and Characterization of Protein Aggregates.
Approaches to Control Protein Aggregation during Bulk Production. "While significant progress has been made in the past decade, the current understanding of protein aggregation and its consequences is still immature. Aggregation of Therapeutic Proteins provides an up-to-date resource on protein aggregation and its consequences, and available methods to control or slow down the aggregation process. This book also covers an overview on the causes, consequences, characterization, and control of the aggregation of therapeutic proteins. The knowledge in this book will help pharmaceutical scientists in the development of therapeutic proteins, and also instigate further scientific investigations in this area"--Provided by publisher.