Table of Contents

PART I: CONCEPTS: Introduction and basic definitions.
Types of ageism.
The meaning of age.
PART II: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES: Individual sources of ageism.
Social influences.
Cultural sources.
The government.
The family.
Housing and health care.
PART IV: REDUCING AGEISM: Changing the person.
Changing the structure.
Strategies for change.
The future. In this updated edition, Palmore provides a comprehensive review of many different forms of ageism-including the interesting notion of positive ageism, which projects onto the elderly as a group traditional virtues like wisdom and thrift. He discusses both the individual and social influences on attitudes toward the aged; analyzes institutional patterns of ageism; and explores ways to used to reduce the impact of ageism on the elderly. This book is a valuable resource and text for students and professionals interested in the sociology of aging in our society. OLD COPY:. Erdman Palmore has stud.