Table of Contents

African agriculture: from crisis to development? / Hans Holmen and Goran Hyden.
The millennium goals, the state and macro level performance: an overview / Hans Holmen.
Smallholders caught in poverty: flickering signs of agricultural dynamism / Magnus Jirstrom, Agnes Andersson and Goran Djurfeldt.
A new era for Sub-Saharan African agriculture? Changing drivers of maize production / Agnes Andersson ... [et al.].
Maize remittances, market participation and consumption among smallholders in Africa / Agnes Andersson.
Meeting the financial needs of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia / Wolday Amha.
Agricultural diversification, food self sufficiency and food security in Ghana: the role of infrastructure and institutions / Fred M. Dzanku and Daniel Sarpong.
Conditions for achieving sustained agricultural intensification in Africa: evidence from Kenya / Stephen k. Wambugu, Joseph T. Karugia and Willis Oluoch-Kosura.
The fertilizer support programme and the millennium development challenge in Zambia: is government a problem solution? / Hyde Haantuba, Mukata Wamulume and Richard Bwalya.
Has the Nigerian green revolution veered off track? / Tunji Akande ... [et al.].
Addressing food self sufficiency in Tanzania: a balancing act of policy coordination / Aida C. Isinika and Elibariki E. Msuya.
Focusing on the majority: rethinking agricultural development in Mozambique / Peter E. Coughlin.
Conclusions: What direction for the future of African agriculture / Ernest Aryeetey, Goran Djurfeldt and Aida C. Isinika.