Table of Contents

Contents; PART I: CONCEPTUAL BACKGROUND; PART II: BASIC EMOTIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL PROCESSES; PART III: THE SOCIAL EMOTIONS; Appendix A: Bones, Brains, and Human Origins; Appendix B: The Brain, Language, and Affective Neuroscience; Appendix C: Dualism in the Neurosciences; Notes; Author Index; Subject Index. PART I: Conceptual Background. 1. Affective Neuroscience: History and Major Concepts. 2. Emotional Operating Systems and Subjectivity: Methodological Problems and a Conceptual Framework for the Neurobiological Analysis of Affect. 3. Varieties of Emotional Systems in the Brain--Theories, Taxonomies, and Semantics. 4. Neurostatistics: The Anatomy of the Brain/Mind. 5. Neurodynamics: The Electrical Languages of the Brain. 6. Neurodynamics: Neurochemical Maps of the Brain. PART II: Basic Emotional and Motivational Processes. 7. Sleep, Arousal, and Mythmaking in the Brain. 8. SEEKING Systems and An.