Table of Contents

Color Plates.
Principles. Introduction to Aerosol Characterization / Pramod Kulkarni, Paul A Baron, Klaus Willeke.
Fundamentals of Single Particle Transport / Pramod Kulkarni, Paul A Baron, Klaus Willeke.
Physical and Chemical Processes in Aerosol Systems / William C Hinds.
Size Distribution Characteristics of Aerosols / Walter John.
An Approach to Performing Aerosol Measurements / Pramod Kulkarni, Paul A Baron.
Techniques. Aerosol Transport in Sampling Lines and Inlets / John E Brockmann.
Sampling and Analysis Using Filters / Peter C Raynor, David Leith, K W Lee, R Mukund.
Sampling and Measurement Using Inertial, Gravitational, Centrifugal, and Thermal Techniques / Virgil A Marple, Bernard A Olson.
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Atmospheric Aerosols / Paul A Solomon, Matthew P Fraser, Pierre Herckes.
Microscopy and Microanalysis of Individual Collected Particles / Robert A Fletcher, Nicholas W M Ritchie, Ian M Anderson, John A Small.
Real-Time Particle Analysis by Mass Spectrometry / Anthony S Wexler, Murray V Johnston.
Semi-Continuous Mass Measurement / Ernest Weingartner, Heinz Burtscher, Christoph Hüglin, Kensei Ehara.
Optical Measurement Techniques: Fundamentals and Applications / Christopher M Sorensen, Josef Gebhart, Timothy J O'Hern, Daniel J Rader.
Real-Time Techniques for Aerodynamic Size Measurement / Paul A Baron, Malay K Mazumder, Yung-Sung Cheng, Thomas M Peters.
Electrical Mobility Methods for Submicrometer Particle Characterization / Richard C Flagan.
Instruments and Samplers Based on Diffusional Separation / Yung-Sung Cheng.
Condensation Particle Counters / Yung-Sung Cheng.
Instruments Based on Electrical Detection of Aerosols / Suresh Dhaniyala, Martin Fierz, Jorma Keskinen, Marko Marjam̃ki.
Electrodynamic Levitation of Particles / E James Davis.
Fundamentals of Cone-Jet Electrospray / Alessandro Gomez, Weiwei Deng.
Calibration of Aerosol Instruments / Bean T Chen, Robert A Fletcher, Yung-Sung Cheng.
Size Distribution Data Analysis and Presentation / Gurumurthy Ramachandran, Douglas W Cooper.
Applications. Nonspherical Particle Measurement: Shape Factor, Fractals, and Fibers / Pramod Kulkarni, Paul A Baron, Christopher M Sorensen, Martin Harper.
Biological Particle Sampling / Tiina Reponen, Klaus Willeke, Sergey Grinshpun, Aino Nevalainen.
Workplace Aerosol Measurement / Jon C Volkwein, Andrew D Maynard, Martin Harper.
Ambient Aerosol Sampling / John G Watson, Judith C Chow.
Indoor Aerosol Exposure Assessment / Charles E Rodes.
Radioactive Aerosols / Mark D Hoover.
Measurement of Cloud and Aerosol Particles from Aircraft / James C Wilson, Haflidi Jonsson.
Satellite-Based Measurement of Atmospheric Aerosols / Rudolf B Husar.
Atmospheric New Particle Formation: Physical and Chemical Measurements / Peter H McMurry, Chongai Kuang, James N Smith, Jun Zhao, Fred Eisele.
Electrical Classification and Condensation Detection of Sub-3-nm Aerosols / Juan Fernandez de la Mora.
High Temperature Aerosols: Measurement and Deposition of Nanoparticle Films / Pratim Biswas, Elijah Thimsen.
Characterization and Measurement of Atmospheric Large Particles (PM> 10 æm) / Kenneth E Noll, Dhesikan Venkatesan.
Manufacturing of Materials by Aerosol Processes / George Skillas, Arkadi Maisels, Sotiris E Pratsinis, Toivo T Kodas.
Aerosol Measurements in Cleanrooms / David S Ensor, Anne Marie Dixon.
Sampling Techniques in Inhalation Toxicology / Owen R Moss.
Factors Governing Pulmonary Response to Inhaled Particulate Matter / Vincent Castranova.
Measurement of Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Inhalation Aerosols / Anthony J Hickey, David Swift.
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms.
Appendix B: Conversion Factors.
Appendix C: Commonly Used Constants.
Appendix D: Some Properties of Air and Water.
Appendix E: Key Dimensionless Numbers.
Appendix F: Properties of Particles.
Appendix G: Geometric Formulas.
Appendix H: Bulk Density of Some Common Aerosol Materials.
Appendix I: Manufacturers and Suppliers.