Table of Contents

Advice Online; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Acknowledgments; List of tables and figures; Introduction; Part I; Material description; Part II; Literature review on advice; Research questions; Part III; The content structure of the response letters and the realization of advice; Aspects of relational work in the response letters; The personal and public dimension of advice-giving in the response letters; Lucy's voice; The problem letters by the anonymous advice-seekers; Part IV; Factors constituting the discursive practice in L̀ucy Answers'; Notes; Appendix Advice Online presents a comprehensive study of advice-giving in one particular American Internet advice column, referred to as 'Lucy Answers'. The discursive practice investigated is part of a professional and educational health program managed by an American university. The study provides insights into the linguistic realization of both asking for and giving advice in a written form and thus adds to the literature on advice columns as a specific text genre, on advice in health care contexts, and on Internet communication. The book offers a comprehensive literature review of advice in health.